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When the Government Lies: TWA Flight 800

American Thinker published my article June 28th.

Years ago, in another lifetime, I flew the mighty F-4S Phantom II in the jet route structure. Several times I flew high enough for the engine exhaust to condense in the minus 60°F atmosphere. At 30,000 feet, I’d look in the mirrors on the canopy bow and watch a pair of thick contrails swirl behind me, laying down a set of unmistakable tracks proving that I was no longer just turning jet fuel into jet noise but I was leaving a trail visible for all to see for miles and miles. Some people on the ground, primarily those on the political left, have suggested my contrails were actually “chemtrails,” that they were some wild Petri dish concoction consisting of chemical or biological agents that were being deliberately sprayed for some sinister purpose, like a Bond villain, on an ignorant general public. I was shocked to learn that somehow the enlisted guy who refueled my jet with JP-5, was in on the conspiracy and was dispensing some nefarious additional chemicals from his R-11 fuel truck. When I became aware of the “chemtrail controversy” years later it proved there are some strange people in America. That when you don’t have enough facts or understanding of the basic science of condensation, I guess you make up something. Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy when the facts are just boring?
Jack Cashill has his second book coming out on Flight 800, TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy. Former FBI Special Agent John F. Picciano’s fine novel, Liam’s Promise, suggests there was an international terrorist conspiracy and massive government cover-up of Flight 800. In my book, Shoot Down, the President knew aircraft were threatened, that they were warned, and they did nothing about it until it was too late. Sort of like what happened on September 11th in Benghazi, Libya.

For Misters Cashill and Picciano, and myself, there has always been something wrong with the reported circumstances surrounding the loss of the TWA 747.When you look at all the evidence behind the tragedy of Flight 800, it was very difficult not to conclude the government’s investigation was faulty and scripted, and the probable cause of the incident was some fuel cell problem that was completely unbelievable. It was July 17, 1996, and Flight 800 occurred right in the middle of the sweet spot of a string of terrorist attacks on America, on American interests, on President Clinton’s watch. The three authors came to the same conclusion, by different means, that someone used a man-portable, shoulder-launched, anti-aircraft missile. How was this not a terrorist attack? Terrorists, primarily al-Qaeda, were having a field day attacking Americans.

A truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993. On December 11, 1994, a bomb was planted on Flight 434, a Philippine Airlines Boeing 747,by the master terrorist Ramzi Yousef. The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Buildingwas bombed in downtown Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The failed Bojinka plot was a large-scale attack to assassinate Pope John Paul II and blow up 11 airliners from Asia to the United States during January 1995. It was planned by Islamists Ramzi Yousef and a current orange-jumpsuit-0wearing occupant of Guantanamo Bay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. A pair of United States embassy bombings on August 7, 1998 killed over 200 people in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and in Nairobi, Kenya. And on 31 October 1999, there was EgyptAirFlight 990, where the aircraft plunged into the Atlantic Ocean about 60 miles south of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. The flight data and cockpit voice recorders were recovered and proved the relief first officer deliberately pushed the jet into the water while repeating some nine times in Egyptian Arabic, “Tawkalt ala Allah,” which roughly translated to, “I rely on God.” The United States Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG-67) was bombed on 12 October 2000 while it was harbored and being refueled in the Yemeni port of Aden. September 11, 2001.

President Clinton’s time in office saw the highest level of terrorism activity directed at American interests: Buildings, embassies, a small dreadnaught, and over a dozen high-capacity aircraft were targeted or attacked.Other commercial aircraft had been shot down and that news was ignored. These were “spectacular operations.” And according to the National Transportation Safety Board Flight 800 was just a jet with a bad set of wires in a fuel tank. The only airplane in the history of flight to have exploded in flight because of a possible short circuit in a fuel tank.The NTSB must have been watching the Magic Loogie episode of Seinfeld when they submitted their Flight 800 report, for that was one incredible magic wire.

Sometime after 2003, I was teaching the aircraft accident investigation course for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas. My graduate students were seasoned USAF instructor pilots from across the Air Force—they flew fighters, cargo aircraft, and helicopters. I’m an old USMC F-4 pilot, and intuitively we knew what had happened to the TWA 747 was an obvious act terrorism, that the declaration that it was probably just bad wiring was an expedient political deflection to a White House intern problem while jets and buildings were being blown up all across the globe, and that it didn’t explode during departure because of some defective fuel cell wiring or “overheated fuel vapors.” Military and commercial pilots know fuel systems don’t work that way.

It was a good exercise for my students to look into what other reasons there could be to explain the government’s handling of the case and determine a better or more rational probable cause. One of my students found an interesting newspaper article, where a couple of Congressmen were stopped as they were leaving a closed-door session on the proliferation of MANPADS, Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems. Those are shoulder-launched, anti-aircraft missiles. French Mistrals, Russian SA-18s, British Blowpipes, and the U.S. Stingers. I will always remember my reaction to what was reported, when my student said, “One of the Congressmen said,they were looking into the problem of the proliferation of MANPADS to prevent another Flight 800.”It was a curious statement at best. An inadvertent admission? Someone who had wandered off script and forgot to maintain the government’s message? Sometime after the Flight 800 incident, some 14 pieces of legislation were introduced related to MANPADS were introduced to the U.S. Congress.The timing of the proposed legislation was a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream.

As an adjunct, also immediately following the downing of Flight 800, there were hearings on Capitol Hill to force DOD to install heat-seeking missile countermeasures on commercial aircraft. It wasn’t until 2005 that Fred Smith, FedEx CEO/Chairman, volunteered some of his aircraft to be outfitted with directed infrared countermeasures equipment (DIRCM) to thwart shoulder-launched heat-seeking missiles. Were these MANPADS really a threat; were they responsible for Flight 800?800. Consider this: between “500 to 750 thousand MANPADSare believed to have been produced,” thus far. Reportedly, at the date of that report up to 27 militia and terrorist groups possess shoulder fired SAMs. Yet it was one magic wire that brought down that jet.

The EgyptAir Flight 990 case demonstrated that a government can manipulate the outcome of an investigation. Egyptian government officials rejected the interpretation of the actions of the first officer, they asserted that it was “culturally impossible for (the relief pilot) Batouti to have done what the NTSB believed; second, that the NTSB lacked the cultural sensitivity to understand what was on the cockpit voice recorder.” Despite the data from the recovered black boxes, the Egyptians blamed Boeing for an inoperative elevator system. They blamed everyone else except their guy.

What happens when you—an accomplished investigative reporter, an FBI Special Agent, and an old accident investigator—know you’re not being told the truth? The investigators of Flight 990 capitulated on reason, genuflected and tested the myriad ridiculous Egyptian theses that the Boeing 767 suffered a hidden mechanical malfunction. There is a psychological impact on subordinates when high ranking government officials reject the obvious evidence for their own narrative. The normal first inclination is not to be confrontational even as the available evidence, like a finding compass, continually points in the same direction.

President Lincoln rejected generals by the score until he found one that could do the job. When the government wants to maintain or foster a certain message, they are in the power position to reject those that do not “get it,” that there is a message and that message is to be maintained. Those investigators and witnesses that do not play well with others are cast off to the Island of Misfit Toys. Flight 800 went through a crazy number of investigators. Many dynamic witnesses were ignored. The CIA was even brought in. The government went overboard to prove what it wasn’t, not what it was. The message was, “It wasn’t terrorism. It definitely wasn’t a missile—ignore all those witnesses who say they saw a missile launch. We’re pretty sure it was only a broken wire.”

What do you do when you know you are not being told the truth on Flight 800? Some of us write a story that is tangential to the cover up and the government lies. I know I can’t wait to read Jack Cashill’s new book.

Shoot Down full cover

Book Signing was an Unqualified Success

I’d like to say “thank you” to the International Spy Museum for hosting me–I had a truly spectacular book signing today, June 24th. I signed many copies of Special Access and No Need to Know, and sold out of the available copies of Shoot Down. I met several new fans who stopped at my table, some very nice people from Australia, Montana, Washington State, and a fun group of ladies from Canada whose last name was Hewitt. I think I have cousins in Nova Scotia. If I understood them correctly, it has only been a group of Hewitts who have manned the lighthouses for a hundred years or so throughout the province. What fun! Made my day!
Special Access full coverShoot Down full coverNo Need to Know Cover bmp

Guns, Islam, and Orlando

The Most Insidious Power of the Media and their Disinformation Campaign for Hillary Clinton

The outstanding blog, American Thinker, published my article today. The number one conservative blog, Lucianne, republished the article as a “Must Read.”

The Most Insidious Power of the Media and their Disinformation Campaign for Hillary Clinton

The conservative radio personality, Chris Plante (WMAL, Washington, DC) opines that the most insidious power of the media is their power to ignore. While it is certainly true that the chief editor of a major newspaper or the producer of a network newscast has the ability to spike or kill a story, which is essentially their way of “ignoring” the news if you will, what is more subtle, deceitful—and dare I suggest corrupt—is their penchant to frame a story to fit a specific narrative. They no longer report the news, but they do shape a message.
There is not a finer example of the media ignoring the facts and shaping a message than what we are witnessing regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server, the classified material on that server, as well as the case of the missing emails. The media have embraced the Clinton campaign’s narrative that there is “nothing to see here,” that there wasn’t some “mishandling email controversy,” at most, or repeat Secretary Clinton’s own bogus statement, “using a personal e-mail was permissible” as “other Secretaries of State did the same thing.” Other excuses have been thrown against the wall to see if something will stick, such as, she was “trying to protect her privacy” or “she was clueless about how regular emails work on a conventional computer.”

Anyone in the intelligence community and DOD holding a top secret clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)—a type of classified information concerning or derived from sensitive intelligence sources, methods, or analytical processes—knows that not only is Hillary Clinton (and her minions) lying but that the media—unable to completely ignore the multifaceted issue—has shifted to shaping the narrative. The KGB disinformation service couldn’t have done a better job.

To transfer any classified information onto an unclassified system, you have to work at it. To transfer classified information from a secure classified system and move it to an unclassified system is not only difficult, it is illegal. Those within the intelligence community know this action, in all of its forms, is called espionage. The essence of espionage is the unauthorized movement of classified documents out of a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, a SCIF, and into the hands of “any person not entitled to receive it.” The men and women with TS/SCI who toil in the IC and DOD, working with the nation’s most trusted secrets, know that if they were to secure a private email server and move any shred, chad, or hint of classified information onto that server, the FBI would be on them like stink on a dead fish with a one-way ticket to a federal brig. And they would be charged with espionage.

Seventy years ago, a long-term Democrat, the former government lawyer and senior State Department official, Alger Hiss, removed classified information from the U.S. State Department. Classified documents that moved in and out of the Secretary’s office, stopped at his desk where he typed copies on his office typewriter. He slipped the copies into a briefcase and provided them to his Soviet agent who photographed and microfilmed them. When the FBI finally retrieved the spools of microfilm, the Hiss Papers printed out to a stack 4 ½ feet tall. The FBI case against Alger Hiss was a clear-cut case of espionage, however, the Justice Department only authorized a lesser charge—perjury—due to statute of limitations.

The espionage case against Alger Hiss and the case against Hillary Clinton are eerily similar. Both were long-term Democrats, former lawyers, and senior State Department officials that removed classified information “from its proper place of custody…or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed.” It is an undeniable fact that both systematically transferred thousands of pieces of classified information out of the State Department’s offices at Foggy Bottom.

Additionally, there is the issue of 33,000 missing emails. Maybe Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame could help us out here and release those documents. It may be noteworthy that if Mrs. Clinton’s missing emails were ever recovered and printed out, that stack of papers would reach over 10 ½ feet tall. Alger Hiss was a lightweight compared to Hillary Clinton, as his production for the Soviet Union’s KGB was still considered impressive for him to receive several awards in absentia. The former Secretary of State, “gave her State Department emails containing Top Secret and other classified information to her lawyer.” I’m fairly certain, David Kendall was not a fully cleared individual and transferring classified material to someone not authorized to receive them is an act of espionage.

Congressman Trey Gowdy introduced Americans to the legal issue known as “spoliation of evidence.” When some item of relevant evidence—whether documents, physical objects or data—relevant to an ongoing legal matter—is destroyed, discarded or modified in some way, the U.S. legal system allows investigators to presume that the missing evidence was unfavorable to that party and furthermore allows them to draw conclusions accordingly. The classic junior high school excuse, “the dog ate my homework,” or “they were emails dealing with Chelsea’s wedding or yoga” isn’t valid under the law when the disappearance and their handling is suspicious.

Even Inspector Clouseau would find the admission of 33,000 emails, scrubbed or “wiped clean” from a private server, to be highly suspicious. The intentional destruction or negligent loss of evidence suggests that Hillary Clinton believed that her emails were harmful to her, and that consciousness of guilt led her to destroy, hide or lose them. The media will never acknowledge Secretary Clinton’s intentional destruction her emails—classic spoliation of evidence—even if they were beat over the head with it.

A recent survey found that not a single member of the White House correspondent pool was a Republican. Journalists and those correspondents take their orders from senior editors and producers. When it’s 44-to-zero Republicans, the numbers are on their side and so is their ability to control and dictate the White House message and Democrat party narrative. Today, no news or story from the mainstream media can ever be trusted or considered, in the immortal words of Sergeant Joe Friday, “Just the truth, ma’am.”

Dr. Paul Kengor’s exposé on Frank Marshal Davis, The Communist, demonstrated that the one-time editor traveled to the Soviet Union and learned the fine art of propaganda and disinformation from instructors from the KGB. Sixty years later, it appears America’s journalism schools now teach the same propaganda coursework and disinformation strategies as Cold War Moscow. The old Soviet press gave their all for the Motherland and warped the news as required to ensure it fit Stalin’s and the Communist Party’s message. Isn’t that what is going on with today’s media? A better question may be, “Who isn’t a socialist or a closet communist in today’s Democrat-centric media,” carrying the water for the White House, running a Soviet-style disinformation campaign and obscuring the facts in the case of Hillary Clinton?

The President recently endorsed the Democrat nominee for President. The media obfuscated the fact that the FBI received what was tantamount to “marching orders” from the chief law enforcement officer. If the FBI Director insists and submit charges; treason, espionage or something lesser, the Justice Department will ignore the evidence and will never approve an indictment of Mrs. Clinton. And the media will have done its job of ignoring the facts and maintaining the Clinton campaign’s narrative that this was nothing but Republican witch hunting.

Tribute to a Grand Lady and a Patriot

My neighbor passed away in her sleep last night. This is dedicated to her. Rest in Peace, Jo.

Sounds of Silence

More Questions from the Last Book Signing

“Where do you get your ideas” is the most common question that I am asked. Youngsters to oldsters who stop at my table hear a variation of “from things from the headlines that I know to be wrong.” For example, in Special Access, there is a CIA file “that proves the President is not who he claims to be.” Virtually every aspect of the media–newspapers, networks, magazines, etc–never vetted the man from Chicago who would become the President. It was as if the media had determined the candidate’s background and bona fides were immaterial to the election, and they went into hyperdrive to protect their candidate and became utterly vicious toward anyone who questioned his eligibility to be President. And they did a fine job running interference and thwarting the Constitution. Check out my post, The Greatest Fraud in American Politics. So, from this little bit of “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong” Special Access is a story about an American hero who wouldn’t be deterred in seeking the truth, and once the truth was found in a CIA file, the only thing a great patriot could do was release that file. There you go, the idea for book one.

Special Access full cover
In Shoot Down, the “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong” was based on the tragic demise of TWA Flight 800. There is a CIA file (and program) that has the CIA paying ransom monies to an unknown terrorist who threatened the US–if the President doesn’t release political prisoners and pay a ransom, the terrorist “will shoot down an airliner every 48 hours.” Of course, in the book, the Democrat President thinks the threat is a bluff and ignores the warning, until a jet is blasted from the sky. Once you take the political view of this event, “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong” screamed at me that, like my example above, every branch of the media and the Administration never wavered from the message from the White House, that this horrible incident was just an accident. It was as if the media had determined that the President’s word was, during a critical phase of his re-election, to be believed “without question.” Ignore the facts and eyewitnesses, the President had spoken and, like the media did above, they went into hyperdrive to protect their candidate and repeated the Administration’s line–it was an accident. Check out my post, New Book Release: TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy. So, from this little bit of “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong” Shoot Down is a story about an American hero who was sent to find and kill the man who had knocked the jet from the sky and had been holding America hostage. Again, there you go, the idea for book two.

Shoot Down full cover
In No Need to Know, the “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong” was this little bit of left-wing fiction, that during the Russian Revolution, the Bolsheviks “executed” the Tsar Nicolas II and his family, as if it was a simple matter to punish the Romanovs for their indiscretions. The scene from No Need to Know explains the “things from the headlines that I know to be wrong.”

Nazy’s brows furrowed with questions but she didn’t have much time to wonder as the man from Moscow began speaking again.

“During the winter of 1916, before the February Revolution, Tsar Nickolas dispatched several trains to Paris. The trains carried the artworks from museums; in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Petrograd primarily…. The Raphael and hundreds of others that had been in the hands of the Royal family and the wealthy. The Tsar sensed the Bolsheviks would be successful in 1917 and would defeat his Monarchy, and he was correct. Nickolas Romanov would not allow Comrade Lenin to damage or destroy the Motherland’s priceless artwork, so he moved them to safety. Lenin was furious to learn the art had been removed under the cover of darkness, from the major cities, and sent it to Paris to be stored at the Louvre. He punished Nickolas Romanov in the most horrific way possible. The tsarina and the princesses were not executed immediately, as history has recorded. Let us say, for the sake of Miss Lane and the General, that the sexual deviancy and brutality of Saddam and his sons were amateurish by comparison of the Bolsheviks.”
No Need to Know Cover bmp

In Blown Cover, book four of the Duncan Hunter books, there’s more to the story than Amelia Earhart just disappearing in the South Pacific Ocean.

circa 1932:  Studio headshot portrait of American aviator Amelia Earhart (1898 - 1937), the first woman to complete a solo transatlantic flight, wearing a leather jacket.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

circa 1932: Studio headshot portrait of American aviator Amelia Earhart (1898 – 1937), the first woman to complete a solo transatlantic flight, wearing a leather jacket. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Ideas culled from the headlines, from “things that I know to be wrong.”

More to follow.

Jack Cashill’s new book and Shoot Down

Jack Cashill’s new American Thinker article, TWA 800, The Great Untold Story of our Time, precedes his new book, TWA 800, The Crash, The Cover Up, the Conspiracy. In his article he asserts “at least two surface-to-air missiles blew the 747 out of the sky, killing all 230 people on board.” He writes with 100 percent confidence. “I owe that confidence to the efforts of a small corps of committed individuals — eyewitnesses, independent researchers, whistleblowers from within the investigation, and family members who have turned their grief into action. In attempting to get at the truth, at least three of these people were arrested, several others were thrown off the TWA 800 investigation, and every one of them was ridiculed.”

There is no doubt, to me, that every bit of that is true. I touched on those issues in Shoot Down, where the authorities (read–the Clinton Administration) suppressed information and had the full cooperation of the media to collaborate in that suppression. The media willingly closed their eyes to the obvious and accepted without evidence the government’s unproven theory of a spontaneous fuel tank explosion. I didn’t have the time or money to hunt down and interview the people who saw something that night in July 1996, of streaks of light leaving the water and racing toward the sky. But as a trained aircraft accident investigator (and I even taught the graduate-level aircraft accident course at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) I did have access to a few scraps of information.

From Shoot Down: Hunter was momentarily distracted. He referred to the binder on the lectern. He fast forwarded pages until he came to the page he was seeking. He continued, “More interesting stuff. Immediately after Flight 800 fell from the sky, Congress held several closed door hearings. Since no one can keep a secret in Washington D.C., other than the intelligence community—but that’s another story for another time—a few Congresscritters leaked that they were discussing ‘the latest threat.’” Again, Hunter made quotes with his fingers when he said, “the latest threat.”

“The gist of the conversation these Congressmen had with some reporters, without clearing it with their leadership, was that the congressional hearing was specifically focused on the Flight 800 tragedy. I quote, ‘the threat terrorism presents to commercial aviation was the focus of the closed door meetings.’”

Hunter extracted a news clipping and held it up. “The latest threat was the risk of shoulder-fired missile attacks or MANPADS. There are over half a million MANPADS worldwide and a good number of those weapons are available and obtainable on the black market. The number of MANPADS in the hands of non-state actors or terrorist groups is unknown. Estimates range that dozens of non-state groups in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have several dozen to a few hundred MANPADS. The availability, portability and concealable make-up of MANPADS all add to the appeal of these weapons to terrorist groups.”

“The obvious outcome of the closed door meeting was that Congress directed DOD to conduct research and development of missile defense systems for commercial aircraft. The idea was to take military missile defense systems and install them into commercial jets to prevent another Flight 800.”
Duncan Hunter let the conclusion settle for a moment. “Let me say that again, ‘to prevent another Flight 800.’” Hunter returned the news clipping to his binder and scanned the stunned faces of his students. Whether it was fatigue or shock, most of the students were left speechless.

As Jack Cashill has determined, of course the government lied. Although authorities have tried to make TWA 800 a story of “physical evidence,” such as frayed wires and bent metal, it has always been a political story, one that the media have done their best to avoid, if not delete.
Shoot Down full cover
So in Shoot Down, Duncan Hunter is faced with the truth, culled from some obscure CIA file.

He soon came back around to He shot down commercial airliners, usually for ransom. It was a fact, no other targets that Lynche and Hunter encountered were known to lug around containers of man-portable air-defense systems. They did not go where air defense systems were present or active. This target was obviously different.

Was this a ransom delivery? Hunter reflected on the scenario the DCI portrayed during the mission brief: Approximately twenty containers are removed from the aircraft and are carried into the hangar. Hunter again paused, recalled a thin thread of something he’d been mulling over earlier.

A thin smile spread over his face as he closed his eyes and stretched his neck. He admonished himself. It was obvious. There had been a commercial aircraft shot down. Hunter chortled quietly. Officially it was a fuel tank explosion. FBI witnesses said it was a missile and so did a couple of congressmen. They knew the truth. Congress held closed door hearings. When the FBI was pulled off the case, the press jumped aboard the fuel cell explosion lie that the Administration was touting.

The lie collapsed on itself. Hunter was startled; he realized it was true! His mind was released; the paradigm broken. The truths tumbled out of his head.

Flight 800 was shot down by a surface to air missile.

The government paid ransom to stop other airplanes from being blown out of the sky.

Congress tried to put countermeasures on commercial aircraft and failed.

America was still paying ransom.

This was the only opportunity to stop him.

Duncan Hunter had two final thoughts before fury overcame him.

How did he ever pull that off?

Could he know I’m coming for him?

It’s going to get interesting when Cashill’s book finally hits the street. I’m looking forward to reading it.

More to follow.

Aviation Terrorism, Countermeasures, and the Duncan Hunter books

Woven throughout the Duncan Hunter novels is the blanket issue of aviation terrorism. Terrorists attack airliners primarily, and now, with the recent bombing of the Brussels airport, even airports. New articles populate the Web, of drones being flown into the engines of airliners and lasers being pointed at pilots in the take-off and landing phases of flight. These are huge issues that do not get much press or airtime. The media is generally more worried about what Kim Kardashian is wearing or not wearing than these underreported attacks on aircraft. Occasionally, an article oozes through the cesspool of the media, such as an article that reported there are new systems being deployed at airports which use powerful radio frequency and microwave technologies to disable unmanned aerial vehicles (or for the monosyllabic-dominated media–drones) that stray onto airport property, and neutralize UAV threats to commercial aircraft.

I have a problem with the word “stray,” as if a UAV, operated near an airport, is just the most benign entity you’ve ever considered, and that the little darlings just somehow went stupid and wandered over the nearest airport fence and, surprise, found itself being run down by an airliner.

Like the pointing of a laser at an aircraft, departing or landing, the operation of a UAV anywhere near an airport is a hostile act towards aviation. The fear is that commercial passenger jets on short final approach or just leaving the ground on takeoff are particularly vulnerable to UAVs that could be sucked into jet engines and cause an airliner to crash. Ergo, aviation officials must take some countermeasures. The Duncan Hunter books highlight some of these actions and countermeasures.

For the terrorists that fly UAVs near airports, airport managers are now installing countermeasures to blast from the sky, the “drones” that “stray” onto or near airport property. Countermeasures for the lasers are a harder nut to crack.

For the terrorists that were somehow able to get weapons onto the 9-11 aircraft, the U.S. Government federalized the airport screening process and implemented additional countermeasures to prevent radical Muslims from being hired by lackadaisical contractors and allowed weapons to pass through the x-ray machines–from three airports! Yes, federalizing the airport screening process was the countermeasures to prevent another group of Islamic radicals from circumventing all of the airport security functions–and that doesn’t include the group of men who killed the aircrew, commandeered the aircraft, and flew them into buildings and the ground on September 11th.

For the terrorists that were somehow able to shoot down a jumbo jet off the coast of Long Island, the U.S. Government immediately spun up the Department of Defense to install anti-missile countermeasures onto commercial aircraft. FedEx volunteered several of their aircraft as test beds for the technology that is installed on large military aircraft.

How did we get to this point? Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf States–but primarily Iran–have spent years developing and funding a network of imams, mosques, and secret associations in America and throughout Europe. Others have pointed out that with the fall of the Shah of Iran and the ascension of the Ayatollah Khomeini, the most radical and vitriolic cleric in Europe had suddenly acquired the national treasure of Iran and funded revolution against–not only America and Europe–but against the spreading westernization of the Middle East. These extremists clerics and groups have spent heavily to promote radical Islamic thinking among young and vulnerable people. They supported thinkers who promoted violence and jihad in the name of protecting Islam.

And they found out they had a problem with the western world’s most visible demonstration of power and superiority–the airplane, or more specifically, the airliner.

More to follow.

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